Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Securing a comfortable retirement is not necessarily about you or your employer paying into a pension plan. Whilst a pension arrangement is an important consideration, retirement income may be generated by many other forms of investment such as property, National Savings, bank or building society deposits, ISAs, investment funds and shares.

It therefore follows that it is critical to get the best possible advice well in advance of attaining your retirement age. Different investment choices can produce radically different results. It is essential that you regularly review all your retirement investments to ensure they are heading in the right direction.

With everybody’s circumstances being different, having a pension is recognised as just one important step along the path to achieving your dreams once you have stopped working.

Careful consideration is essential in order to safeguard your financial future. Whether you are looking ahead to retirement or assessing your retirement options, John Eames Limited provides strategic and specific advice on all aspects of retirement planning. We will also consider and discuss wider financial issues, such as using capital to generate tax-free income.

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