• Thanks very much John. Incredible performance in last few months. Really appreciate your efforts.

    CR, Surrey

  • Just got home after a long day and just read your email and I can't tell you how happy it made me feel. It was great news and all thanks to your efforts and hard work, very very well done John, I can't thank you enough.

    MT, Kent

  • I must say that we are very impressed with the level of growth that you have managed to achieved over the past few years, and just hope that it continues.

    NB, Devon

  • Hi John, thanks for this and for looking after my affairs so well.

    HR, Surrey

  • Olivia has been great thanks.

    SC, Hertfordshire

  • I would thoroughly recommend John Eames Limited, Investment and Pension Advisers to any potential investors or clients seeking advice on pension dilemmas. I chose this company in favour of the larger corporate investment companies who once they have your money all contact seems to fade away. When you telephone you speak to someone different every time, none of whom know you or your investment portfolio. With John Eames its totally personal, you have one person looking after your business and they telephone or communicate with you on a regular basis to inform you of any changes, progress or market conditions which may have impact on your investments. All their advice is based on accredited intelligence, market research, experience and sound judgement to ensure the best possible outcome for you as an individual client. To conclude if you want good sound financial advice on a one to one basis that will assuage any concerns you may have appertaining to your future financial well being this is the company for you

    H & W, Middlesex

  • Dear John, I am indeed delighted to hear that my portfolio value has increased so much in the last year. Thank you for all your efforts on my behalf

    P G, Wiltshire

  • Dear John, It is good to have somebody like you beside me at this time, Mum & Dad have always been very appreciative of your services

    D W, Tax Partner

  • Dear John, Thank you again for all that you do for me, I am very grateful.

    E B, Kent

  • Hi John, Thanks for as always helpful advice.

    D R, Leicestershire

  • I have always been pleased with the excellent service I get from John Eames and his staff. Their reaction to my queries are always swift and I have always been impressed with the fact that John himself is very pro-active with my account. He is always there with various suggestions particularly if part of my portfolio isn't as performing as it could be.

    J E, Surrey

  • Hi John, I have now opened the suggested accounts and have helped Georgie with hers. I would like to thank you for all your advice and helpful information you have provided both of us and should I have the opportunity to further invest in the future, I will most definitely contact John Eames Ltd. Many thanks.

    M R, Herts

  • Dear John, I'm very grateful for all your thoughtful work.

    A H, London

  • Hi John Thank you for your help in reviewing Megan & my investments - we are very glad to have such friendly and expert advice - we appreciate all you do to take the weight off our shoulders.

    M E, Sussex

  • Firstly, we want to thank you very much for your advice that led to such a good return on our investment, especially in such financially troubled times.

    R B, Berkshire

  • Many thanks for helping me sort out my finances.

    H F, London

  • I appreciate the speed you have done this in as well as how you have taken care of me.

    J C, London

  • You are the best! I owe you one.

    B G, Cornwall

  • Thanks as always for looking after my investments.

    M B, Kent

  • It is most pleasing to see how our investments have improved over the last 12 months and I take this opportunity to thank you once again for the good service you and your team continue to give.

    R F & R F, Middlesex

  • I would like to recommend John Eames Ltd with the confidence and knowledge that John will always find the best solutions to any Savings Pensions and Investments etc that are required . In the years that i have known John i have always found his company to be extremely professional.

    D R, Kent

  • Dear John I won't go into the details of all this suffice to say after all the machinations you have gone through with me I am more than delighted. It gives me so much more flexibility to deal with some of the issues I have here in Scotland. I cannot thank you enough for sorting out the morass of legislation, a lot of which I don't understand, but I shall certainly hoist a couple of large Macallans in your honor.

    M T, Scotland

  • John Thank you for your recent letter. I have appreciated your help over the years and considering the periodic chaos the financial markets experienced since 2007, I think my sister and brother in law have done well through your balanced advice. Best wishes and I hope that our paths cross again.

    U N, Loughton

  • Thanks to John and the whole team at John Eames Ltd. From the moment I entered the office I felt comfortable and welcome. John and his team ensure they listened to my requirements and offered best advice based on that. John was open and honest with me from the outset, helped me complete all the necessary paperwork and kept me updated regularly via email. I am very happy with the portfolio John has advised me on and look forward to working with John's team over the coming years. I would highly recommend John and his team to anyone that is looking to invest their money wisely.

    A D, Romford

  • Hi John, Have been looking through our Investments folder - overall really impressive! Many many thanks for all your efforts on our behalf over the years.

    J G, Hants

  • We do wish to thank you wholeheartedly for the wonderful support and advice you have supplied over the past 12 years. You put us on the right track and for this we are very grateful - not least for the good returns under your splendid advice.

    G W, Pembrokeshire

  • John, I really appreciate this, not particularly for the money, but for the principle. Thank you for paying such close attention and for the follow up.

    M L, Berkshire

  • Thank you as always for being on top of the game on my behalf.

    P C, Dunmow

  • Lovely to see you again and thanks for all you are doing.

    M G & A G, Surrey

  • Dear John Many thanks for arranging the cashing in of our investments last month, including the Standard Life bond. We would like to thank you for all the help and advice you have provided us with over the years with our investments. We have been very pleased with the results.

    AC and GC Ireland

  • Thank you for all your excellent advice on the investment for my children.

    RS London